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At the Oasis we believe

in the healing power of deep relaxation. A blissful state which removes the heaviness of stress and replaces it with a sense of peace and healing for body, mind and soul. We believe that we are born to experience life to it's fullest. We work with our clients to bridge the gap between the Human DOing and the Human BEing, to restore homeostasis and bring Joy and Hope in an overwhelming world. 

Offering the crème de la crème of leisure and pampering with our skin and body care services, naturally based products, and wellness technologies to bring you out of survival mode and back to the finer things in life, you are sure to feel like a Victorian debutante. We are so sure we can achieve this with you that we have named our services to match this goal. Healing and Support for the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical bodies, our Holistic approach to spa and wellness brings a deeper enjoyment and wellness state. From Sole to Soul, you are in good hands; give yourself the permission to enjoy a well deserved Oasis today.

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*In respect of the Municipality and License agreements for Residential Business, we are unable to offer drop-in service and shopping at this time. Instead, please call or send us a message to arrange a time and we will be happy to help you book  a service, purchase a product or arrange a Gift Certificate*


Find your way back to you

Unwind and disengage from the stressors of life

Advanced Procedures

Our Holistic approach to Aesthetics treatments, redefines beauty and health, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Personalized Care

We tailor each treatment to your unique needs, ensuring a patient-centric experience.

Empathic Care

We specialize in offering a safe and supportive environment that respects your comfort level and needs

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Bringing 27 years of expertise in Holistic Aesthetics & Wellness

Joy Johanneson-Sully is a Master Holistic and Oncology Esthetician. With a diverse skillset, Joy is dedicated to helping you embrace the (pun intended) Joy of Life while being a loyal cheerleader for your wellness journey back to Self. For the last 27 years, Joy has been fine tuning her skills within the spa and wellness industries. As a Master Holistic and Oncology Esthetician, Joy has become an expert in her craft of Organic and Vegan Skin care. She has also added to her skillset with additional diplomas, including Relaxation Therapy and Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist programs. Joy is a Certified Master in 6 different styles of Reiki while also dappling in Dien Chan, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Quiet Touch, and Meridian, Aura and Chakra balance. Joy is also well versed in LED therapy, Sound Therapy and Crystal Therapy. Outside of her training, Joy is a compassionate and natural healer. 

Re-discover your love of Self

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Welcome to your Oasis

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Our Mission

Our hope is for you to find solace here. May you find the Grace that is within each of us to help you on your journey. May you find the true beauty that is within yourself. May you heal and grow in ways that you never imagined possible, but, help you feel pride in who you are and what you have risen through. May you experience only love and in doing so,  may you discover what it is to live in Joy.