Holistic Aesthetics

Specialized Aesthetic services for the wellness of the whole being. A holistic approach to increasing efficacy of services for greater results; understanding that what is presenting extrinsicly has an intrinsic counterpart. Aiming to connect the cause to its presented symptom, Holistic Aesthetics considers the connection between the health of the mind, body and soul for optimal results. Often focusing on natural and holistic solutions for wellness

Oncology Aesthetics

A specialized modality, Oncology Aesthetics offers care and wellness to those who have, or are currently undergoing treatment for Cancer. Modifications to spa services, product usage and protocols are all made to enhance the well-being of patients while creating a safe environment and treatment. An understanding of Cancer treatment, medications, contraindications, side-effects, ingredient and product benefits and/or risks, as well as physical ailments related to Cancer treatment are all taken into consideration during our Oncology services. Complimentary consultations and mole recording are also offered. We recommend a consultation to aid in a customized treatment plan that meets your needs. Care-givers, we also have a menu specifically geared to honoring your needs during this time as well. Thank you for all you do. Please connect with us for more information. Thank you for considering us. It is a true honor to be welcomed as a cheerleader on your journey.

Holistic Health

With a Relaxation Therapy background, Joy specializes in bringing comfort and empowerment to those undergoing low points in life. Having done work in the past with the effects of trauma, anxiety, depression and chronic pain, Joy is ready to be your personal cheerleader and work with your medical team with her treasure chest of non-invasive and compassionate modalities. Our Wellness Technologies offer a great many benefit and can be found in LED, Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy and Infrared Therapy. See "Wellness Therapies" to learn more about these individual and lesser known services and benefits.


The Oasis, for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Hence, why we call it the Body (plural) Oasis. Joy Johanneson-Sully has been dappling in differing energy therapies and customs since 1996, continually adding to her tool kit. Including services like: aromatherapy, herbology, foot therapy, reflexology, Dien Chan, Body Talk, Level 1 Access Bars, Quiet Touch, Siedr, Reiki (Usui, Starnation, Tibetan, Karuna, Holy FIre, World Peace, Fairy, Celtic and Reyad Sekh Em) and Indian Head Massage. Joy is also a natural healer, having been a strong intuitive since childhood. Able to connect pathways back to Joy, her namesake and her path, the road to Hope is a specialty you must experience to truly know. Wondering about how Joy may be able to help you across the bridge to wellness? Book a complimentary consultation!