Wellness Technology

Science has been making extraordinary discovers in the way of wellness. Learning the interactions of sound and light waves, electrical currents and ionization with the human form. Built of water, we are natural conductors and if you have ever held a flashlight to your finger, you already know... we are transparent! At The Oasis, we have brough some of these, science backed, NASA developed technologies into the spa to empower your wellness.

Sound Therapy

Utilized on oour Vibroacoustic Soundbed and in our Infrared Sauna

Sound is vibration. Vibration creates sound. Science has identified that sound vibration carries through water. As it happens, many beings on earth are made largely of water and thereby are affected by these very sound vibrations. Humans included. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, who revolutionized the idea that our thoughts and intentions impact the physical realm, is one of the most important water researchers the world has known. He studied the scientific evidence of how molecular structures in water transform when exposed to sound. Dr. Emoto's life work is documented in the New York Times Bestseller, The Hidden Messages in Water. In his book, Dr. Emoto demonstrates how water exposed to sound results in physical molecular formations in the water. Dr. Emoto recorded these images via Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology and high-speed photographs.

Vibracoustic therapy is the use of these very sound vibrations via scientifically designed playlists and binaural beats to trigger the bodies own natural healing ability and physiological response to the sound. Aiding in a variety of ailments from head to toe. Playlist examples we use at The Oasis include but not limited to blood pressure, depression, muscle tension, digestive concerns, unconditional love, transformation, vital life force energy, chakra balance, insomnia, stomach ailments, fatigue and exhaustion, parasympathetic stimulation and more.

Sound therapy sessions are accessed as an individual session or as a complimentary benefit to your Facial, Manicure, Body Treatment, Essential Healing Session and Marquess Session.

30 minute session - $35 (individual session)

Learn more about Dr. Emoto's work with sound and water here

Infrared Therapy

With three different types of Infrared heat for you to benefit from, All Oasis services are amplified with infrared and aid in the detoxification, stimulation, pain relief and cell regeneration of your body. Developed by NASA, these Far Infrared rays, are able to reach deeper into the body to pull toxin from the tissues and stimulate a detoxifying flush from the body. From individual areas of concern to whole body systems, our Infrared services not only provide warmth, but wellness. Individual Sauna Sessions can be booked online and include a 15minute shower if preferred. One-time Introductory Consultation booking is a prerequisite in order to guarantee the best results, increased efficacy of the service and to ensure the health of yourself and others. Introductory Consultation and Session - 60 minutes - $40 Follow up sessions - 45 minutes - $40 Sauna upgrades available.

LED Light Therapy

Used in spa for decades, now amped up and used in hospitals!

Yet Another NASA technology (we love those guys for their contribution to wellness, even if it was after the fact) originally used by the Marines, once they discovered its healing power, LED was healing wounds and muscle strain. For decades, LED,  has been used in the aesthetic community for the reaction it stimulates in the health of the skin. Blue aiding in anti-bacterial protection for acne, Red light for the stimulation of cell turn-over and regeneration. At the Oasis we know the secrets behind the full colour spectrum and have included different light therapies throughout our space to facilitate enhanced results for your wellness. Chromotherapy in the Infrared Sauna and Thalasoroom, LED light in our treatments. 

EcoDetox Therapy

Ion foot detox

Using a chemical reaction between copper and salt, the EcoDetox creates an Ion detox treatment to help aid the body in its healing abilities. The best benefit of an ion detox session actually happens after the session as your body, stimulated by the ion reactions, begins to pull toxin from deep within and flush it from the systems. With the Parasite Zapper and Infared Belt as additional options for this session, deep cleansing is assured. 

EcoDetox is available in the Euphoria Pedicure, Euphoria Manicure and Essential Detox Treatments.

Click here for science backed references

Woods Lamp

87% of an iceburg is found below the surface of the water; it's time to look deeper

By emitting ultraviolet light, a Wood's lamp aids in skin analysis for the in-spa treatment and homecare of Oily, Dry, Dehydrated, Congested, Acneic, Cystic, Fungal, Bacterial, Sun Damaged and Hyperpigmented skins, by allowing a deeper look beneath the skin surface.