Eminence Organics of Hungary

Biodynamic, Organic and Vegan solutions for all skin types


Experience skin luxury, with fresh herbs, flowers and pulps that achieve medical grade results for all skin types and challenges. Eminence Organics is passionate about using the best natural, organic and Biodynamic® ingredients to bring our Customers the healthiest and most effective skin care products. The Biodynamic® farmer patiently listens with an open ear and an open heart to keep the farm in balance. Using only natural solutions from within the farm, the practice yields the healthiest crops, all while protecting and healing the earth. The Biodynamic® farming practice is intimately guided by the celestial energy of the cosmos. With a peaceful mind, the farmer works in harmony with the natural cycles of the sun, moon and stars to bring each plant to its highest nutritional potency, brimming with vitality from root to tip.

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THALGO La Beaute Marine

From the Five Oceans...

we bring you the healing elements of the sea with THALGO. In the ocean depths, marine extracts concentrate active ingredients, minerals and trace elements, up to 10,000 times more than terrestrial plants. Thanks to their biomimicry, these marine molecules have a bio-affinity with skin and are particularly well assimilated. At the seaside, the concentration of oxygen in the air is greater and negative ion levels are up to 1,600 times higher than in cities, which promotes a feeling of well-being. The sea has always been a source of vital energy for humans, which can regenerate you both physically and mentally.

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100% Canadian

100% Canadian and Socially Conscious, BZ Lady brings you beautiful colours that are 27-toxin free, vegan and cruelty free. Salon quality and creamy formulations that apply easily, dry quickly and are long lasting. Because quality colour shoudln't be a trade off for your health.

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Socially Responsible Shopping

Its how we roll!

We believe you shouldn't have to worry about your purchases when you are already shopping with us. So we do all the leg work for you. When you shop at The Oasis, you can be sure that your prosperity is spent well. Whether it be benefiting sick kids, planting trees, cleaning the oceans or supportive options for women in third world countries to bring wealth to their family. You can be sure that we have gone over the ingredients, the production, the packaging, green footprint and the company values and morals. Sourcing from around the world to find you the purchases you can feel good about. 

From our own Green practices within spa, to what product lines and suppliers we support with our purchases to our contributions with The Phoenix Chapter, learn more about the Social Good you can support by shopping with us by viewing our "Social Good" page